Ahmet Alpdemir is a high-tech executive, an entrepreneur and a game-changer focused on value creation. Recently he led a three month strategic review for the Board of Cohda Wireless, a South Australian software leader in wireless automotive communications. Under Ahmet’s guidance the team developed new short and long range plans, and identified a new strategic growth segment that will increase shareholder value.

Prior to this project, Ahmet provided CEO coaching, Board advisory and consulting services for Quintic Corporation, a Tallwood VC portfolio company delivering wireless solutions in the IoT and wearable computing markets. This two year effort resulted in a successful sale of Quintic assets to NXP.

Previously, Ahmet played a key role in the successful integration of SiRF/CSR merger and ran 2 of the 3 resulting business units across 9 countries. He grew the post-merger revenues of the automotive business unit by over 20% in the first 12 months with on-target gross margins. Then rejuvenated the declining handset business resulting in a successful sale for $310 million.

Ahmet’s high-tech experience goes back to Intel where he was the product manager for 8088 microprocessor. His entrepreneurial drive led him to Chips & Technologies for the first notebook PC where he grew the chipset revenues 300% over three years to reach $100m; then to Vadem for the first smartphone/PDA where he grew the SoC revenues from $0 to $25m in less than 2 years, and to Dialsurf, a SaaS for small businesses, where he was able to raise the Series A round of funding in 2000 in spite of the market crash.

Ahmet has sat at both sides of the table of strategic investments. In his business development history he led two software business acquisitions, and in his consulting practice he led several software investments for a Fortune 500 semiconductor company. He holds a BSEE, an MBA plus three US patents (9,002,712, 6,658,389 & 6,934,684).